Professional development diary

Use the professional development (PD) section to capture your completed PD. It’s a great way to track your progress en route to your goals. And, you can easily find (then send) your record to your regulatory body, if required.


You could create a section for PD courses, workshops or webinars that catch your eye. This is particularly useful when you find yourself with spare time between patients.


In the PD section, there’s the option to really dial in your PD focus.

Start by:

  • Identifying your weaknesses – both clinical and non-clinical

*You don’t have to address your weaknesses with your PD (though it depends what they are!). You might choose to specialise in ankle management and do a lot of extra study in this area.

If you believe your weak at shoulder management, for example, but don’t have a particular interest in the shoulder, that’s fine. However, when your faced with a patient with an injured shoulder and you’re not confident, refer the patient to a colleague.

  • Decide what areas you want to develop
  • Now, find and complete PD that is relevant to your path

No chance

Don’t leave your professional development up to chance.

It’s critical to you finding your niche. And, it keeps your skills relevant at the very least.

Make an effort to do some PD each week – even if that means reading an article summary for ten minutes.

What are your thoughts on PD? How do you keep it at the front of your mind? Is it targeted to the physiotherapy you want to become? Leave a comment below.

Author: Andrew Cammarano

Andy writes about anything that comes to mind. Oftentimes, he repeats himself. So, if you read a post and ask yourself, "I feel like I've read this before." Chances are you have. Apart from writing, he eats a diet high in peanut butter, he exercises (and suffers from a chafed butt from performing too many sit-ups in pursuit of a six-pack) and comes up with many fantastical ideas, like his peanut butter-based chafe cream. Reach out to him to share your opinions (or if you'd like to become his chafe cream business partner).

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