Patients – What’s their Story

What are our patient’s telling themselves when they get injured? What’s their story? The narrative could be simple. The injury is simply an injury. With management, it’ll get better. But, of course, there are others who tell a different story. Often a story with many layers – like an onion. I deserve this injury because…… Read More

Transparency – The Key to a Strong Team

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”  Phil Jackson, the masterful NBA coach, knows it takes a team to deliver success. And, equally, success is not a chance event. Work backwards from success and you’ll find: Careful planning and preparation A  like-minded team instilled with… Read More


Vulnerability. It doesn’t get a mention in the physiotherapy space. Vulnerability within physiotherapy didn’t even occur to me until a close conversation with a friend (and fellow physio). One of the key things that physios lack, he said, is being vulnerable. To be wrong. And to tell others, our colleagues, that we stuffed up. Yes,… Read More