Part Three: Rethinking Professional Development

How do other occupations approach professional development (PD)? This is what we’ll explore in today’s post. Oh. Don’t forget to read part one (on the importance of PD) and part two (the pros and cons of our current PD approach). The Paint-generated images in these posts are some of my best work! PD party Occupational… Read More

How to use your journal

Your journal helps you to think critically about what you do on a day-to-day basis as well as who you want to become as a physiotherapist. Below are ideas for things to include in your own journal. Take what is useful. The ideas below are expanded upon in other pages. Set your goals What is… Read More

Professional development diary

Use the professional development (PD) section to capture your completed PD. It’s a great way to track your progress en route to your goals. And, you can easily find (then send) your record to your regulatory body, if required. Ideas You could create a section for PD courses, workshops or webinars that catch your eye.… Read More

Reflecting tips

One way to design your journal is to include a monthly or weekly overview. It’s your chance to review your goals and the daily practices that will help you take steps to reaching them. Monthly The monthly section could provide a rough framework for the next thirty days. For example, outlining key events like a… Read More

Goal setting

You might instinctively think of SMART goals when it comes to goal setting. The SMART process helps you form systematic goals which makes developing an action plan easier. If SMART goals are new to you, you’ll pick up on the notion pretty fast. Specific – A precise goal helps to clarify exactly what you want… Read More