How do I get started?

A pen and some paper. That’s all you need to get started on your own journal. Use what you already have around the home. Or, you can start afresh with nice journal and a set of pens or pencils to get your creative juices flowing! Here are some ‘best of’ resources if you’re in need… Read More

Why Reflect?

Welcome to the physiotherapy working world! Your formal education has given you knowledge and skills for the years ahead. But your learning has just begun. There is much more to absorb from your workplace and your colleagues. Things that are difficult to teach in a classroom. Also, the health field is so dynamic. What is… Read More

Part Two: Rethinking Professional Development

In part one, we defined professional development (PD) and examined why it’s important. Now, we’ll explore the pros and cons of our current PD system. What’s good about our PD model? Autonomy We’re in control of our learning. The Physiotherapy Board has entrusted us with this responsibility. Kudos to them. There are no strict boundaries… Read More

Part One: Rethinking Professional Development

Professional development (PD) keeps our skills relevant. It’s continued learning throughout our career so we stay up-to-date with the changing nature of the profession. PD can be both formal and informal: Formal Informal Accredited courses Reading books and journals Conferences, forums and seminars Discussions with colleagues Undertaking research Internet research In-service education programs Reflection –… Read More

Picking a winner: How to choose the right place to work

Picking a place of work is a big decision. And there’s more pressure on those with skills, whether a trade or a university degree. “You have an education, it should be easy to get a job” Society Our expertise become a burden. We tend to rush, rather than taking the time to decide where to… Read More