Are We Unique?

What is a physiotherapist? That is: Why do people seek us out? What differentiates us from other health professionals? What skills and knowledge make us unique? We’re do we fit into the health care puzzle? The Australian Physiotherapy Association have summarised it nicely on their website. But their definition lacks specificity. After all, you could… Read More

Find Our Craft

Gone are the days when people would remain, not only in the same profession, but with the same company for their whole working life. Now, we change jobs with increasing rapidity. Is this driven by the global economy and the fact that there are more opportunities? This is a significant for sure but there’s more… Read More


Physiotherapy is heavily grounded in evidence-based practice. And, this is a good thing. The constant search for improving injury management means better outcomes, faster. A healthier population is a happier and more productive one. But this emphasis on clinical research has left gaps in other aspects of the vocation. There is little spoken about career… Read More