Patients – What’s their Story

What are our patient’s telling themselves when they get injured? What’s their story? The narrative could be simple. The injury is simply an injury. With management, it’ll get better. But, of course, there are others who tell a different story. Often a story with many layers – like an onion. I deserve this injury because…… Read More

Have intent to improve your clinical consistency

Another important habit for each session is to have intent. The video below looks at how you can better control how you feel about a consultation even when things aren’t tracking perfectly. What are your thoughts on setting mini-objectives for each session?

Preparing to improve your clinical consistency

Preparing helps to improve the direction of our management and our confidence. The video below explores the importance of preparation and how to make it a routine part of your practice. How do you prepare for your days and weeks?

Planning to improve your clinical consistency

Planning is a fundamental but underrated part of achieving consistently good clinical outcomes. This video explores the importance of planning and how to incorporate it into your practice. What are your thoughts on planning? How do you make it a regular part of your practice?