Reflective Journaling

Welcome to the physiotherapy working world!

*Welcome to the world of physiotherapy!

Your formal education has given you knowledge and skills for the years ahead. But your learning has just begun. There is much more to absorb from your workplace and your colleagues. Things that are difficult to teach in a classroom.

Also, the health field is so dynamic. What is common practice today may not be so tomorrow. That’s why continuing to learn is vital. An open and sponge-like mind means you’ll deliver the best possible level of care for the people you help.

You’ll feel more satisfied and fulfilled with the work that you do too.

How do I keep moving forward?

There are many ways to further your knowledge:

  • Reading books and journal articles
  • Attending workshops and seminars
  • Completing formal courses, like a post-graduate degree, for example

Though, one learning tool that’s often forgotten is reflecting on what you do each day. It’s such simple way to improve.

So, what are the benefits of reflection?

  • You can review past events: This helps improve your problem solving when similar things happen in the future
  • You can discuss your reflections with others: Their unique insights broadens your perspectives

Over time, you’re ability to internally reflect grows.

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