The Skills To Make Us Better

How can we achieve better outcomes? For the health of our patients By lowering costs for third parties like employers and insurers And, most importantly, for ourselves. That is, improved satisfaction and, hopefully, greater career longevity. What factors hold us back? Do we need to improve on the skills we have? Or, are we missing… Read More

Part Two: Rethinking Professional Development

In part one, we defined professional development (PD) and examined why it’s important. Now, we’ll explore the pros and cons of our current PD system. What’s good about our PD model? Autonomy We’re in control of our learning. The Physiotherapy Board has entrusted us with this responsibility. Kudos to them. There are no strict boundaries… Read More

Are You Satisfied?

Are you satisfied with your work as a physiotherapist? If you could turn back time (hello, Cher!), would you study physiotherapy? Would you recommend that others study physiotherapy? None of the respondents in this study answered yes to all of the questions above. So, what about you? Are you satisfied? Define: happy Let’s start with,… Read More