Motivational interviewing

Physiotherapy, physical therapy – the name itself is deceiving. It sets up a misconception. Physiotherapists help with physical problems (muscle injuries and such) using physical modalities (massage and exercise, for instance). Using a physical approach will work sometimes (with varying degrees of success). But other times, physical therapy will miss the mark completely. We, as… Read More

Part Two: Rethinking Professional Development

In part one, we defined professional development (PD) and examined why it’s important. Now, we’ll explore the pros and cons of our current PD system. What’s good about our PD model? Autonomy We’re in control of our learning. The Physiotherapy Board has entrusted us with this responsibility. Kudos to them. There are no strict boundaries… Read More

Are We Unique?

What is a physiotherapist? That is: Why do people seek us out? What differentiates us from other health professionals? What skills and knowledge make us unique? We’re do we fit into the health care puzzle? The Australian Physiotherapy Association have summarised it nicely on their website. But their definition lacks specificity. After all, you could… Read More